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The Arsenale – Venice.  Oil.  8x6ins

Grand Canal – Venice.  Oil.  6x12ins

View from the Arsenale - Venice.  Oil. 8x6ins

Last rays of light – Venice.  Oil.  6x12ins

Side Canal – Murano.  Oil.   8x10ins

San Giorgio – mid morning.  Oil.  6x12ins

Venice fish market.  Oil.  8x10ins

Little backwater – Venice.  Oil.  12x6ins

Murano – Venice.  Oil.  8x10ins

Going to lunch – Venice.  Oil.  6x8ins

Fondamenta de la Scuole.  Oil.  8x6ins

Crepescule – Grand Canal Venice.  Oil.  6x8ins

Dawn strollers - Venice.  Oil.  8x6ins

Early morning boats.  Oil.  6x12ins    

Early evening stroll – Venice.  Oil.  6x8ins

Evening tourists – Venice.  Oil.  8x6ins

Late afternoon – towards the Port.  Oil.  6x8ins

Near the Guggenheim – Venice.  Oil.  9x7ins

After the siesta – Venice.  Oil.  10x8ins

Sunset over the Salute.  Oil.  8x10ins

Fondamenta de l’Osmarin.  Oil.  12x6ins

Fondamenta Lion –morning light.  Oil.  12x6ins

Early morning arrivals - Venice.  Oil.  6x12ins

Fondamenta Lion – afternoon light.  Oil.  12x6ins

San Giorgio – cool early morning.  Oil.  6x12

Choppy water - Venice.  Oil.  6x12ins

Fast disappearing sun – Venice.  Oil.  6x12ins

Crisp Morning after the Snow  oil  16x12ins

Cool Dawn towards the Bacino  oil  11x16ins

Canal Reflections  oil  10x7ins

Winter Night in February  - Venice  oil  8x10ins

Hurrying Home in the Snow  oil  12x8ins

Early Morning Flights – Venice  oil  6x12ins
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