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Winter Fruits
oil 15 x 15 ins

Golden Harmony
oil 15 x 15 ins

Autumn Fruits
oil 15x 15 ins

Ice Tulips
oil 16 x 12 ins

oil 22 x 18 ins

Composition in Cream
oil 22 x 16 ins

The sugar sifter
oil 22 x 16 ins

Parrot Tulips 
oil 24 x 28. Ins

Roses from the garden.
oil 23 x 18ins

The Christening Mug  oil  10x10ins

Falling Petals
oil 18 x 18 ins

Christening Mug with Lemons  oil  10x10ins

Silver Jug and Lemons  oil  11x11ins

Wine and Cherries  oil  11x11ins

The Blue Perfume Bottle  oil  11x11ins

Garden roses in May  oil  11x11ins

The Russian Tea Cup  oil  11x11ins

Budding Roses  oil  11x11ins

Harmony in Green and Yellow. Oil. 12x10ins

Lemons from Amalfi.  Oil.  10x16ins

The Oval Blue Box oil 15ins x 13ins.
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